• Oil Condition Monitoring

    Our customers benefit from our Oil Sampling + Analysis service, acting as an early warning system giving you the data you need to make decisions about your fleet and lubricants before equipment failure. Together with Chevron, our Lubewatch oil monitoring program can help you be proactive! Learn more or contact our experts at


  • Remote tank monitoring

    Our tank monitoring solution provides access to accurate tank level data via an intelligent web-based management portal to help you eliminate product shortages and costly last minute orders. Our tank monitoring system reduces inventory fluctuations and helps you stay profitable by cutting inventory management costs.


  • Lubrication surveys at customer’s location

    Our experts are available to assess your facilities and operations to determine your needs and establish a comprehensive lubrication program. We can compare your lubrication practices to Best in Class in your industry and make recommendations on how to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Request a Best in Class Assessment now!

  • Used Oil and containers recovery

    Easy to implement, Crevier Lubricants' REVHUC program (Récupération et valorisation des huiles usagées et des contenants) helps you assume your environmental responsabilities and comply with the Regulation respecting the recovery and reclamation of used oils, oil or fluid containers and used filters enacted by the Government of Québec.

  • Equipment loan and financing

    To support your business development, we offer sales, loan and financing services for lubrication equipment.

  • ISOCLEAN Assessment

    Oil contamination by small particles is responsible for over half of component failures. We can assess your oil and your operations and help you select the solutions that reduce costs and improve equipment performance and durability. We deliver lubricants pre-filtered precisely to ISO standards recommended by OEMs to maximize your equipment life span. Learn More

  • Private labels

    We can design and manufacture a range of products under your own private label for your specific needs.

  • Business and marketing support

    Receive a welcome kit, end-user promotions, advertising material, business support and advertising funds by contacting your sales representative, by sending an email to or by clicking here to request a call back.

  • Custom products

    Catalys Lubricants offers custom formulas tailored to your specific needs. Our products are laboratory-tested and controlled to ensure specification compliance.