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MEROPA® SYNTHETIC WM ISO 320 is a gear lubricant formulated for lubrication of heavily loaded enclosed gear drives in industrial applications and in wind turbines. MEROPA® SYNTHETIC WM’s polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oil technology combined with its advanced sulphur phosphorus additive system delivers powerful extreme pressure protection. This maximizes wear resistance, including micropitting, in heavily loaded, high shock load situations, promoting optimal equipment performance and service life.


Recommended for the lubrication of heavily loaded enclosed gear drives and speed reducers driven by wind turbines, fractional horsepower motors and large high horsepower units in heavy-duty industrial applications. Meropa Synthetic WM 320 is successfully used for wind turbine applications and suitable for use in Flender gear units. Also recommended for a variety of gears including: spur, bevel, helical, worm and industrial hypoid gear cases on mobile contractor type equipment, open pit and underground mining equipment, cement mills, ball mills, rolling mills, crushers, shakers, hoists, conveyors, kilns, winches, machine tools, skip lines and marine equipment.


  • 1 X 208.2 L
  • 1 X 208.2 L

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  • Quebec/East

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