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Activity Sector

Industrial Marine Reseller


GST Oils are formulated with premium base oil technology and an ashless, zinc-free formulation that provides exceptional oxidation stability, water separability, and protection against rust and corrosion.


GST Oils are formulated to meet the critical demands of non-geared gas, steam, and hydroelectric turbine bearing lubrication, and reduction gear lubrication in marine operations. They are an excellent recommendation for many other industrial applications including air compression where R&O type oils are recommended. GST 100 oil is suitable for use in hydroelectric turbines, land and marine steam turbines, and associated reduction gears when OEM recommends R&O type oil.


  • BULK
  • 1 X 18.9 L
  • 1 X 208.2 L

Available in regions

  • Quebec/East
  • Ontario
  • British Columbia

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