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Cetus® HiperSYN® Oils are formulated with premium base oil technology and a high level of purity and refinement, and has been further enhanced by their unique additive systems that provide outstanding thermal and oxidation stability, high viscosity index, high flash point, low pour point, anti-wear protection, and excellent hydrolytic stability. Cetus HiPerSYN Oils also protect against the formation of oxidation byproducts and acidic materials which will eventually cause deposits and varnish, rust, oxidation, and foaming.


Cetus HiPerSYN Oils are formulated to provide outstanding lubricating qualities for air compressors, especially portable and stationary rotary, vane, and screw compressors. They are generally designed for applications with wider operating temperature ranges as compared to non-synthetic oils. The higher viscosity grade products are especially effective in high temperature applications, such as industrial bearings and gears that require an R&O-type synthetic gear oil as well as sootblowers, where outstanding thermal and oxidative stability are required. Cetus HiPerSYN Oil ISO 320 is recommended for use in oil lubricated vibrating mechanisms in Deister vibrating machines.


  • 1 X 18.9 L
  • 1 X 208.2 L

Available in regions

  • Quebec/East
  • British Columbia

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