Crevier Lubricants offers a range of services for all your lubrication needs. Operating our own laboratory, we have acquired a diversified technical experience which supports ancillary services offered to our clients:

  • Custom product design
  • On-site lubricant review
  • Lubricant compliance analysis
  • Filtration problem solution
  • Private label bottling
  • Equipment loan and financing
  • Installer programs

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Custom product design

Crevier Lubricants offers custom product design services to meet your specific lubrication needs. Our product formulas are tested and controlled in our lab to insure compliance with your specifications. We subsequently check each batch of production for conformity. Our design and control processes are monitored in order to maintain a sustained effectiveness.

On-site lubricant review

Our experts are available to visit your facilities to analyze your lubricant needs, processes and practices and to provide a lubrication program tailored to your specific requirements.

Lubricant compliance analysis

We offer analysis services to verify the conformity of your lubricants to statutory and functional standards.

Filtration problem solution

We can assist you in the choice of the most appropriate filtration system and process to reduce your costs, improve your equipment’s performance and service life.

Equipment loan and financing

We support our clients’ development through a variety of sale, loan and financing of lubrication equipment.

Private label bottling

We can design and produce a range of products under your own private label to meet your specific requirements.

Installer programs

To help you grow your business, Crevier Lubricants offers two installer programs: Passenger car and Heavy duty. These programs reward you for your brand loyalty and your commitment to quality products. We can help you by providing you with quality products, a welcome kit, end user promotions, merchandising material & business support, and installed advertising program.